Join the BOLDBOSS Collective: Where We Help Competent Managers Become Confident Leaders.


As a people manager, you are often caught feeling like the filling in the corporate sandwich, being pressed between the team and higher-ups.

You face the daunting task of managing an endless workload, navigating the pressures of aligning upper management’s demands with your team’s expectations.

It’s a struggle…..we feel you!

Let’s be real, management is tough and you should not be expected to do it without the right support and preparation.

Like you wouldn’t expect a pilot to fly a plane without the appropriate training.
The corporate struggle is real!

You are most likely finding it tough to communicate like a boss, to navigate your own strengths and weaknesses, build legit connections with your team, and keep up with your personal life.
In the chaotic realm of middle management, your self-awareness is your secret weapon. Without it, you’re stuck in a skills vs. expectations standoff, feeling like you’re drowning.

Reflecting on the moment I first stepped into a managerial role, it’s clear that my promotion was a testament to my hard work and capabilities. I was promoted purely based on my ability to do the job well, and like most others, I could soar in my area of expertise…but I was not properly prepared for what it meant to take on the role of manager.

Recognised and rewarded for my awesome performance, I eagerly embraced this promotion and new chapter, unaware of everything that comes with being a mid-level manager. Of course, this transition quickly unveiled a whole host of new and unknown challenges!

Balancing responsibilities became a daunting task, stress levels soared, impacting my personal life, and the gaps in my skill-set started to show.

Attempting to mask these gaps became a job in itself. I simply wasn’t handling things the way I knew I could. I didn’t have the tools, had no idea where to learn them, or where to turn to for support. I remember thinking, who or where do I turn to for advice? Surely I can’t be the only manager in this funk?

And I was right, I shouldn’t have been expected to manage people without the right training and support.

Fast forward two decades, having evolved into an executive coach and mentored hundreds of managers and business leaders, I felt compelled to establish the very support system that I once needed. The solution to the often overlooked, mid-level management challenge.

BOLDBOSS was born from a desire to offer guidance and a collaborative, nurturing environment for mid-level professionals on their managerial career-paths. A sanctuary and the safety net I wish had existed during my own career progression.



There is a carefully curated method to our madness. The BOLDBOSS Model is designed to give you all the tools and insights you need to use them confidently in your leadership journey.

Focusing on three core areas: You, your team and Your Organisational Impact.

The BOLDBOSS model starts with YOU and works from the inside out.

When you become a BOLDBOSS, you will…

Master your energy levels to efficiently prioritise your ongoing task flow. 

Effortlessly navigate and sync the demands of upper management with the expectations of your team.

Proactively addresses difficult conversations, leading to timely resolution and outcomes

Feel in control, composed, and confident as you build the capacity to lead effectively, and make decisions with clarity and focus.



Decision-Making Zen: You are now tuned into your true self, making decisions that align with you and your company’s mission. You are making more purpose-driven moves with laser-sharp clarity.

Communication Glow-Up: You now communicate with openness and transparency. You’ve mastered the lowdown on your unique communication style, levelling up relationships.

Team Harmony Boost: You have created a vibe where the team feels seen and valued. This sets the stage for a rockstar team culture, amping up collaboration and sending overall team performance through the roof.

Employee Engagement Fiesta: You now connect on a personal level, diving into team members’ motivations and dreams. This connection cranks up employee engagement, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Adaptability and Innovation Groove: You are now grounded in self-awareness, you dance through change. You welcome innovation, inspiring your team to ride the wave of new ideas and fresh approaches.

Trust and Street Cred: Authenticity is the VIP pass to trust. You have the trust and respect of your crew, peers, and higher-ups – you are surfing the credibility red carpet.

Growth Fest – Personal and Pro: You have kicked off an endless journey of levelling up. You are hungry for self-improvement and forever chasing opportunities to learn and grow.

Org Culture Revolution: You sprinkle magic on the organisational vibe. Your authenticity and leadership style has transformed your workplace, with a healthy atmosphere that boosts productivity

Resilience Mastery: You are a resilience maestro. Armed with self-awareness, you navigate challenges like a boss, motivating teams to power through the tough stuff.

Leadership for Life: This transformation into an authentic leader isn’t a one-hit wonder. It’s the foundation for long-term leadership stardom. You keep applying your self-awareness magic in all situations, ensuring a sustained journey of leadership success.

Ongoing support, resources, and growth opportunities are the encore to this show.

Regular check-ins, bonus learning rounds, and a supportive crew keep the authentic leaders thriving.

Year 2 brings a levelled-up experience, which you will embrace with ease.

Unlike traditional programs, BOLDBOSS has a unique approach – focusing on ONE powerful concept: Lead Authentically. 

The BOLDBOSS membership is not just about strategies; it’s a fun, AHA-filled journey into self-discovery and transformation. In this conscious space, we ditch the corporate and boring norms.

We believe in REAL inner and personal transformations FIRST, then you will be better equipped to enhance your team dynamics, and organisational impact.

Why? Because we’ve learned that to implement strategies effectively, you need the right mindset.

We guide you through a learning journey that’s enjoyable, empowering, and authentically YOU.

At BOLDBOSS, we understand that when you know yourself well, you become a fantastic leader.


BOLDBOSS gives you the space to embrace the learning journey, have inspiring and thought-provoking conversations, gain meaningful insights, and unlock the leader within you.

Don’t just follow strategies; become the person who effortlessly implements them.

It’s time to break free from limiting beliefs, get to know yourself and lead authentically.