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 Whether you are an executive leader, a business leader, or a forward thinking manager, you are likely to face many leadership challenges but we can help you overcome them in no time. Here’s how we can support You.

Unlock the power of focused transformation with our VIP Day offer – a bespoke, intensive one-day session tailored to tackle your specific challenges head-on. Our VIP Days are meticulously crafted to provide you with the insights, strategies, and confidence boost needed to take that next big leap in your professional journey. Immerse yourself in a day dedicated entirely to your growth and emerge with a clear action plan that propels you forward.

Embark on a transformative journey with our 1:1 coaching programmes, tailored to your unique ambitions. Discover bespoke strategies for personal and professional growth, enjoying focused guidance and support. Dive deep into development with a plan personalised just for you, unlocking your full potential. Start your path to excellence today and realise your dreams.

Embrace the BOLDBOSS Model to master leadership from within, focusing on you, your team, and organisational impact. This unique program empowers you to harmonise management demands with team expectations, navigate difficult conversations with ease, and lead with authentic energy. Dive into a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where learning is enjoyable and tailored to unveil your true potential as a leader. 


It’s a fact, leaders who gain self-knowledge, grasp insights, and work on their mindset are the ones who thrive at work and in their personal lives. 

Our programs are designed to help you gain the confidence you need to unlock your full potential as a leader. It begins with deciphering your unique leadership style, pin-pointing your strengths, and grasping the skills you need to better lead yourself, your team and your organisation. We use in-depth assessment tools to help you gain clarity, and create a personalised development plan.

We take all the guesswork off your shoulders, as you go through a proven pathway that leads to a life in your zone of genius so that you can become the best leader you can be.

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Leading is tough. But you are not alone in this struggle. 

The myth of the “natural-born leader” is outdated. Today’s true leaders know that they need insights to become the best version of themselves. They also know they need a personal development strategy to get tangible results through action and accountability. 

With so much information offered out there, it’s hard to have a clear understanding of your best next steps so that you can focus.  

Here’s the truth: tactics without a strategy never bring repeatable results. 

Tactics offer quick wins for dealing with situations but having a personal development strategy will ensure that you continue to grow with repeatable and lasting results. 

We can help you create a personal development strategy so that you can expand your life and career with a tangible and result-driven approach. 






About Rosalie Audoin

Rosalie Audoin is an EMCC certified senior leadership consultant and executive coach, who specialises in leadership and management development as well as personal branding, and executive presence to help leaders build their reputation inside and outside the firm.

Rosalie applies psychological and behavioural profiling to drive performance and engagement across organisations. Certified as a Strengthscope® practitioner, she uses a strengths-based approach to empower leaders and their teams to achieve peak performance and ambitious goals.

Rosalie has a proven track record of excellence in enabling high performance within teams and enabling powerful leadership transformations. Rosalie also coaches on three executive leadership programmes at the London School of Economics, and has worked with leaders at Gallagher, Sony, Santander, Harper Collins, and Unicef amongst others.  

Rosalie also has over a decade of experience in marketing strategy and branding, with a specific focus on lifecycle marketing strategy and customer relationship technology. 

Rosalie speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish. She has an MSc from Bayes Business School and is an accredited Executive Coach and Mentor



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I can’t recommend Rosalie’s expertise highly enough – she is  an excellent coach! I felt she really grasped both my business and what I have to offer and moved me forward in a way I couldn’t have waded through on my own. After being coached by her I not only had a clear plan, broken down into simple, achievable steps, but I also felt more grounded and sure about my own abilities, my self-limiting beliefs and my unique offering. Rosalie asks the right questions that lead to clarity, building identity and focusing on strengths.  As a result of being coached by Rosalie I know more about who I am , and what I have to offer  
Natalie | CEO

I have been working with Rosalie Audoin for almost a year, and her level of expertise and professional service is second to none. Rosalie worked closely with me through the launch of a programme where she helped me map out an effective strategy for my campaign.  Rosalie is professional, patient, kind and extremely giving within the realms of her professional capacity. She has a results driven approach which are clear and easy to understand, and her guidance always encourages action. I have seen growth in my business and life as a result of working with Rosalie and I most certainly intend to continue working with her in the future.
Janine| CEO

Rosalie and I having been working together for the last 6 months . I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Rosalie, and she is highly knowledgeable and proficient in her profession. Rosalie is also honest, dependable and incredibly good at what she does. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Rosalie, as a dedicated and knowledgeable service provider and an all-around great person. 
Tiffany | CEO

It was such an absolute pleasure working with Rosalie. She laid out a step by step plan to how I can create more impact through my business and get more visibility. She really took her time to address my questions and concerns and by the end of my sessions I was clear on the next immediate steps I needed to take. What I also really appreciated was her challenging me to come out of my comfort zone with practical  suggestions. She also gave me tangible tools  I can use to make my work much easier. I would recommend Rosalie as she has genuine passion and professionalism for what she does.
Rosemary | General Manager



Book a call with our team to discuss how we can best meet your needs through, training, coaching or consulting.