“Hiring Rosalie is the best decision we made for improving our team dynamics. Every person on the team now understands their individual strengths and how they impact our team interactions. This served as a catalyst to a better team culture and an improvement on overall performance.


“This is the best investment I’ve ever made for my personal growth. Rosalie helped me get the board-level role I was seeking, by improving my visibility at work and having a strategy for developing key relationships. This helped me not only at work but also with some personal relationships that were estranged. I highly recommend Rosalie. “


I am very grateful for Rosalie. Her generosity and level of professionalism are outstanding. When working with her she was kind but challenged me when I needed it. Rosalie helped me reach my goals and change the way I approach life in general. I always felt  inspired after every session with her. I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach.


I was looking for a general manager position and a friend recommended Rosalie. I’m so grateful I decided to work with her. Not only did I get the GM role but I now also lead my team with a confidence that I didn’t have before – this is thanks to the work that we did together. Trust her process and you will get results! 


Although I am a driven high achiever, I used to constantly doubt myself and feel like an imposter. I wanted to progress at work but I had many barriers that were stopping me. After working with Ros, I got clear on my unique strengths and learned to use them to make the right decisions not only at work but also in my personal life. I loved working with Rosalie. Now I have the tools to combat any thought that doesn’t serve or holds me back. 


Rosalie understands the challenges that leaders face. She helped advance in my ability to lead myself and others. I’m ever so grateful for this and I highly recommend Rosalie as a coach to senior leaders. 


 I can’t recommend Rosalie’s expertise highly enough – she is  an excellent coach! I felt she really grasped both my business and what I have to offer and moved me forward in a way I couldn’t have waded through on my own. After being coached by her I not only had a clear plan, broken down into simple, achievable steps, but I also felt more grounded and sure about my own abilities, my self-limiting beliefs and my unique offering. Rosalie asks the right questions that lead to clarity, building identity and focusing on strengths.  As a result of being coached by Rosalie I know more about who I am , and what I have to offer  

Natalie B

Rosalie and I have been working together for the last 6 months. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Rosalie, and she is highly knowledgeable and proficient in her profession. Rosalie is also honest, dependable, and incredibly good at what she does. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Rosalie, as a dedicated and knowledgeable service provider and an all-around great person. 

Tiffany C.

It was such an absolute pleasure working with Rosalie. She laid out a step by step plan to how I can create more impact through my business and get more visibility. She really took her time to address my questions and concerns and by the end of my sessions I was clear on the next immediate steps I needed to take. What I also really appreciated was her challenging me to come out of my comfort zone with practical  suggestions. She also gave me tangible tools  I can use to make my work much easier. I would recommend Rosalie as she has genuine passion and professionalism for what she does.

Rosemary U.

“What I’m the most proud of from completing my work with Ros? Transforming the way I think and getting out of a complete sense of  burnout and hopelessness. I was able to overcome my biggest challenge: myself. I have a brand new sense of self-awareness which has helped me in both my personal and professional life.”


“Working with Rosalie has been so life-changing. Her process really touched my entire life: life at home, life at work, life with my partner. She was amazing at helping me discover my unique zone of genius. I am forever grateful for having encountered her! If you are thinking about signing up don’t hesitate, it is worth it!”


“I had a very  a difficult period in my career, feeling stuck and invisible. Even though I had some key relationships at work,  I was unable to climb the ladder and lost my confidence. Ros helped me rediscover who I am, she helped me see how my strengths were the super power that would take me where I wanted to be. I trusted Ros’ process and my life changed. I have a new C-level job and Im happier at home too ”